Final Program

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  Monday, 22 June
9:00 - 18:00 Workshops and Tutorial                                                                
  Tuesday, 23 June
9:00-9:30 Welcome
9:30-10:30 Keynote: Alessandro Vinciarelli
  Coffee Break
11:00-13:00 Session1    Chair: Silvia Gabrielli
  Modeling User Affect from Causes and Effects. Cristina Conati, Heather Maclaren
  Evaluating web based instructional models using data mining. Enrique Garcìa Salcines, Cristobal Romero Morales, Sebastiìn Ventura Soto
  Sensors Model Student Self Concept in the Classroom. David G. Cooper, Ivon Arroyo, Beverly Park Woolf, Winslow Burleson, Kasia Muldner, Robert Christopherson
  Use and Trust of Simple Independent Open Learner Models to Support Learning Within and Across Courses. Susan Bull, Peter Gardner, Norasnita Ahmad, Je rey Ting, Ben Clarke
14:30-15:30 Posters, Demos and Doctoral Consortium
15:30-16:30 Session 2    Chair: Liliana Ardissono 
  Narcissus: interactive activity mirror for small group work. Kimberley Upton, Judy Kay
  Social Navigation Support for Information Seeking: If You Build It, Will They Come? Rosta Farzan, Peter Brusilovsky
   Coffee break
  Session 3  Chair: Lora Aroyo
 17:00 - 19:00 Performance Evaluation of a Dynamic Privacy-Enhancing Framework for Personalized Websites. Yang Wang, Alfred Kobsa
Creating User Profiles From a Command-Line Interface: A Statistical Approach. Jose Antonio Iglesias, Agapito Ledezma, Araceli Sanchis
Context-Aware Preference Model based on a Study of Difference between Real and Supposed Situation Data. Chihiro Ono, Yasuhiro Takishima, Yoichi Motomura, Hideki Asoh
Modelling Personality of Participants during Group Interactions. Bruno Lepri, Nadia Mana, Alessandro Cappelletti, Fabio Pianesi, Massimo Zancanaro
19:30 Welcome Reception
  Wednesday, 24 June

Keynote: Susan Dumais

  Coffee Break

Session 4    Chair: Cristina Conati 

  Predicting Customer Models Using Behavior-based Features in Shops. Junichiro Mori, Yutaka Matsuo, Hitoshi Koshiba, Kenro Aihara, Hideaki Takeda
  Investigating the Utility of Eye-tracking Information on Affect and Reasoning for User Modeling. Kasia Muldner, Robert Christopherson, Robert Atkinson, Winslow Burleson
  Describing User Interactions in Adaptive Interactive Systems. Matthias Bezold
  PerspectiveSpace: Opinion modeling with dimensionality reduction. Jason Alonso, Catherine Havasi, Henry Lieberman
  Recognition of User Intentions for Interface Agents with Variable Order Markov Models. Marcelo Gabriel Armentano, Analìa A. Amandi

Posters, Demos and Doctoral Consortium


Industry session Chair: Peter Brusilovksy

  Google? Shared! Adding Social Search Technologies to Mainstream Search Engines. Barry Smyth, Maurice Coyle, Peter Briggs
  Collaborative Filtering is Not Enough? Experiments with a Mixed-Model Recommender for Leisure Activities. Nicolas Ducheneaut, Kurt Partridge, Qingfeng Huang, Bob Price, Michael Roberts, Ed H. Chi, Victoria Bellotti, Bo Begole
  Enhancing Mobile Recommender Systems with Activity Inference. Kurt Partridge, Bob Price
  Coffee break

Session 5        Chair: Julita Vassileva

  Tell Me Where You've Lived, And I'll Tell You What You Like: Adapting Interfaces to Cultural Preferences. Katharina Reinecke, Abraham Bernstein
  Non-Intrusive Personalisation of the Museum Experience. Fabian Bohnert, Ingrid Zukerman
  Assessing the Impact of Measurement Noise on User Modeling in Spatial Domains. Daniel Schmidt, Ingrid Zukerman, David Albrecht
 20:30 Social Dinner
 Thursday, 25 June

Keynote: Vincent Wade

  Coffee Break

Session 6      Chair: Judith Masthoff

  SoNARS: a Social Networks-based Algorithm for Social Recommender Systems. Francesca Carmagnola, Fabiana Vernero, Pierluigi Grillo
  Grocery Product Recommendations from Natural Language Inputs. Petteri Nurmi, Andreas Forsblom, Patrik Floreen
  I like it... I like it not: Evaluating User Ratings Noise in Recommender Systems. Xavier Amatriain, Josep M. Pujol, Nuria Oliver
  Evaluating Interface Variants on Personality Acquisition for Recommender Systems. Greg Dunn, Jurgen Wiersema, Jaap Ham, Lora Aroyo
  Context-dependent Personalised Feedback Prioritisation in Exploratory Learning for Mathematical Generalisation. Mihaela Cocea, George Magoulas
 14:30 - 16:00  Industry Panel
Chair: Alejandro Jaimes
   Coffee break

Session 7      Chair: Vania Dimitrova

  Supporting Personalized User Concept Spaces and Recommendations for a Publication Sharing System. Antonina Dattolo, Felice Ferrara, Carlo Tasso
  Evaluating the Adaptation of a Learning System before the Prototype is Ready: A Paper-based Lab Study. Tobias Ley, Barbara Kump, Antonia Maas, Neil Maiden, Dietrich Albert
  Capturing the user’s reading context for tailoring summaries. Cecile Paris, Stephen Wan
  History dependent Recommender Systems based on Partial Matching. Armelle Brun, Geo ray Bonnin, Anne Boyer
  Capturing User Intent for Analytical Process. Eugene Santos Jr., Hien Nguyen, John Wilkinson, Fei Yu, Deqing Li, Keum Kim, Jacob Russell, Olson Adam
  What Have The Neighbours Ever Done for Us? A Collaborative Filtering Perspective. Rachael Rafter, Michael O'Mahony, Neil Hurley, Barry Smyth
18:30-19:00 Closing session and introduction of UMAP 2010
 Friday, 26 June